The United Nations panel of experts said in a report Wednesday that warlord Khalifa Haftar is providing military support for the Sudanese rebel groups since he controlled Al-Jufra and Brak Al-Shati, adding that Sudanese mercenaries have been fighting alongside Haftar’s forces since 2015.

The report, obtained by Alnabaa TV Channel, revealed that Salafist and Madkhalist groups are controlling security apparatuses in Libya, adding that they are also controlling social and religious institutions as they are promoting anti-terrorism speech in order to obtain support by both Haftar and Al-Sirraj government in Tripoli.

“The Tripoli-based Special Deterrent Force are conducting arbitrary detentions of Libyans and foreigners and some of them over terror charges while others over political issues. There are deaths of torture and lack of healthcare inside the SDF prisons with some of the SDF leaders doing the torture themselves.” The report says.

The report named SDF leaders Mahmoud Hamza and Khalid Al-Booti.

“Dignity Operation forces of Haftar detain people arbitrarily including politicians and journalists using also clandestine locations like schools and farms for the detention. There are also rape cases registered in Kwifeya prsion in Benghazi.” The report adds.

It also says that Haftar’s forces conducted extrajudicial killings in Benghazi, shelled the headquarters of deputy interior minister Faraj Egaiem and his house in Bersis, and displaced over 55.000 people from Benghazi, some of whom were recruited by Benghazi Defense Brigades.

“Foreign air force could be involved in bombing Derna last October. We received evidence saying foreign aircraft helped Haftar in bombings on Oil Crescent Region.” The report explains, saying the UAE is developing the work on Al-Khadim airbase and Haftar is using a private UAE jet for his own transportation.