The head of UN Support Mission in Libya declared Wednesday that the fifth UNSMIL draft, which was initially signed by one side of the Libyan conflict, cannot be amended again.

Briefing the UNSC on Libya, Bernardino Leon said the door is still open for the other party, GNC, to join and sign the draft.

The fifth draft was unilaterally signed by Tobruk parliament representatives in Skhirat, Morocco on Saturday. The GNC declined to sign, demanding certain amendments to be included in it first.

The signing of the draft has prompted mixed reactions. Protesters gathered in Algeria Square of Tripoli on Sunday to denounce the initial signing of the draft. Revolutionaries from the western region, Gharyan, and Misrata have also rejected the draft. Sabha Municipality also issued a statement Monday to refuse the signing of the draft by one of its members, Ghadfi Bu Sada, without any commission from the municipality.