The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has renewed its call for the release of all illegally detained persons.

In a tweet Monday, the mission confirmed its knowledge of the disappearance of Mansour Da'oub, the Military Prosecutor and Head of the Anti-Terrorism Unit in Tripoli.

"UNSMIL has been informed that Mr. Mansour Da’oub.. has been missing since 22 May, after he was allegedly summoned to the Special Deterrence Force HQ."

It underscored that all arrests and detentions should be based on the rule of law, in line with Libya’s international human rights obligations and Libyan criminal procedures.

Employees of the Military Prosecutor's Office and its affiliated prosecutions had issued a statement urging intervention to release the Public Prosecutor, Mansour Nour El-Din Da'oub, who was arrested by the Special Deterrence Force last week.