The former US envoy to Libya Jonathan Winer said Washington could adopt a "pragmatic approach" to Libya under the new Joe Biden Administration to replace the negligence approach of Donald Trump Administration.

Winer added in an interview with Italian news agency Nova that the expected pragmatism of the US would be implemented in responding to violations of international agreements, saying Biden Administration would consolidate the values of the US for freedom and democracy as well as human rights in Libya and the rest of the world.

Winer said the appointment of Antony Blinken as the Biden Administration's US Secretary of State would help Washington’s policy as he has good experience in the situation in Libya, Middle East and North Africa.

"Biden will be against military intervention in Libya by any country and will support comprehensive Libyan political agreements. His Administration could ask all states to abide by UN resolutions and the Berlin Conference conclusions and make them commit to them in so many ways." Winer said, hoping the US embassy will resume work from Libya, which he said would be after assessment to the security status in the country.