The Al-Jawf Town

It is a town in southeastern Libya, the capital of the Kufra district in Libya. It lies in the largest oasis in the Kufra basin. It is one of the most heavily irrigated oases in the Sahara. The surrounding area contains clusters of center-pivot irrigation systems used for agriculture. It receives almost no rain whatsoever, averaging only 2.5mm per year. 

The Al-Zighan Town 

It is located in the south of Libya, northeast of the city of Sabha, at a distance of 80 km. The most important activities in the village are agriculture and trade since ancient times, and it was the meeting point for caravans coming from the north and south. It is considered one of the areas that did not witness a change in its social structure, like many areas of southern Libya.

The Rebiana Town

It is an oasis in the Libyan Desert in the Kufra District of Libya, about 120 km west of Al-Taj town. In Tedaga called Mouzi, which is the original name of this place.

The Al-Taj Town

It is a town and holy site in the Kufra Oasis, within the Libyan Desert subregion of the Sahara. It is in the Kufra District in the southern Cyrenaica region of southeastern Libya. The Arabic Al-Taj translates as "crown" in English, and derives from the position above the Kufra basin.