A Libyan government delegation discussed Saturday the Libyan energy and production file during its visit to the White House, according to a statement published by the government, which explained that the National Security Officer for North Africa, Luke Reynolds, received at the White House the Minister of Oil-designate, Khalifa Abdelsidiq, and the delegation of the Government of National Unity accompanying him.

It added that the meeting discussed "the energy file in light of the geopolitical challenges in the region, and its effects on energy supplies and the stability of global markets."

The statement said that Abdelsidiq presented the plans of the government and the National Oil Corporation to increase their oil and gas production rates, ways to raise the level of joint cooperation, and the return of major American companies in this sector.

Last Thursday, the Ministers of Oil and Finance met with the US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Affairs, Jeffrey Pyatt, and a number of strategic issues were discussed, including the economic and political situation in Libya, with a special focus on the oil and gas sector.

During his meetings in Washington, Abdelsidiq stressed the importance of the participation of US companies in the process of raising production to reach two million barrels of oil and four billion cubic feet of gas per day.

The meeting also touched on "the centrality of the Libyan role in enhancing global stability of oil supplies, its strategic role in the global energy market, and Libya's readiness to actively participate in the oil field development conference that will be held in the state of Houston."