The Oil and Gas Technology and Sustainable Energy Conference and Exhibition commenced at the Oil Institute in Tripoli on Monday, with the participation of local, Arab, and international entities.

In his opening speech, Farhat Bengdara, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), emphasized the importance of scientific research and human resource development in the oil and gas sectors. 

He highlighted that restructuring the Oil Research Center to enhance its capabilities and focus on scientific research activities is a top priority for the corporation.

Kamal Al-Muntasir, Chairman of the High Committee for Oil, Gas, and Sustainable Energy, said in media statements that the conference and its exhibition are a global event aimed at bringing together various energy experts, including those in traditional and clean energy fields, both domestically and internationally.

Al-Muntasir explained that the conference seeks to foster cooperation between traditional energy-producing companies and other local and international entities interested in sustainable energy.

The accompanying conferences and exhibitions aim to draw experts and specialists in traditional and sustainable energy fields. The conference includes scientific sessions, research presentations, and a workshop showcasing the research and studies presented by participants.