A team from the Atomic Energy Corporation in Tripoli made a field visit to the Misrata Medical Center to conduct radiation measurements in the radiology department at the center's request.

A source from the Energy Corporation told The Libya Observer that they performed radiation surveys in all areas concerned with radio-diagnostic or radio-therapeutic treatments, from the technicians working places to the visitor's reception hall.

The source said that workers in the fields of diagnosis and radiation therapy are exposed to doses of radiation during their work.

"The safe dose should not exceed 20 mSv per year, which is what we need to confirm," the source added, indicating that the results will be ready during this week.

For his part, the Misrata Medical Center said that this comes within the framework of the center's safety plan and its keenness to provide a secure environment for its staff.

According to the international standards of radiation protection, those working in the radiology field should not be exposed to more than 20 mSv per year. A single equivalent dose of 6000 mSv (6 Sv) if not treated, will cause death within days.

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