The Libyan Minister of Interior Emad Al-Trabelsi announced coordination with his Tunisian counterpart, Kamal Feki, to reopen the Ras Jdir border crossing in the coming period, and to activate it by the competent agencies of the two countries.

Al-Trabelsi's statements came in a speech before the general gathering of the Ministry's recruits, which was held on Saturday at Tripoli International Airport.

Traffic stopped at the Ras Ajdair crossing on March 19 after a decision by Al-Trabelsi following armed clashes that took place on March 18.

Meanwhile, Al-Trabelsi said that the general gathering was the first of its kind  in the ministry’s history as it conveyed a positive message that the ministry was present with all its members to maintain security and stability.

"The police are present today in the streets and squares, and we have been able to organize a number of security directorates in the regions, activate the border guard apparatus, and secure the state's borders. We are working to organize the border, air, and sea borders' crossings."

Al-Trabelsi reiterated that Tripoli would soon see no presence of security and military units, provided that security work is limited to the personnel of the relevant Ministry of Interior, in addition to the security of government facilities and institutions.