The Scientific Advisory Committee for tackling the Covid-19 held on Sunday an expanded meeting with representatives of the National Committee for Vaccinations, UNICEF, WHO, and IOM.

The meeting reviewed the distribution plan of the Covid-19 vaccine, expected to arrive in Libya by the first quarter of next year.

The attendees discussed the action steps that should be taken to ensure the vaccine reaches the most vulnerable groups in all parts of the country.

Yesterday's meeting also discussed how to contain migrants and refugees currently living in Libya, in the vaccination plan, and the role of the IOM and UNHCR to ensure that vaccinations are made available to all.

According to the Scientific Advisory Committee, the vaccination plan will be implemented through several central and technical committees, which would work to ensure the safety of the vaccine while transported from the central distribution points and to follow up on the side effects afterward, indicating that a team of professionals has been nominated to undertake this task.