A source from Zliten has warned that the isolation center in the city is in a deteriorating situation.

The source explained that the isolation centre recorded an increase in the number of admissions lately, putting pressure on the medical staff and equipment.

The isolation centre is full. The patients that came to the centre today were accommodated in 4 ambulances and two private cars, while doctors had to transfer the equipment to the vehicles, according to the same source, noting that the fatalities have amounted to 60 cases since the center opened.

Activists on social media posted pictures from outside the isolation center of Zliten, showing doctors providing medical services to those infected inside ambulances.

The centre’s staff appealed to the Ministry of Health and the private sector to offer help before the situation gets out of hand.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Zliten registered 2868 coronavirus infections, including 1871 active cases and 924 recoveries, while 60 people have died of the disease, the city's crisis centre for control and monitoring the coronavirus situation said on Monday.