The Chairman of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Imad Al-Sayeh, has met with a delegation that included the head of the Tebawi National Assembly, Adam Rami, the head of the Tolerance Organization for Human Rights, Ibrahim Adel and representatives of the National Movement Organization for Tuareg youth in the south.

During the meeting, the delegation presented the problems and obstacles facing the components of the Tuareg and Tebu. 

The meeting also dealt with ways to support the democratic path and enhance inclusiveness in the elections to bypass this stage according to mechanisms that guarantee participation in the upcoming electoral benefits.

The delegation also stressed that building the state will only take place through the ballot boxes and the peaceful transfer of power, confirming that they in the south of Libya are following up on the achievements of the HNEC, praising its efforts which aimed at holding the scheduled elections on time.