Officials at the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) agreed to look into the withdrawal of some old prints of Libyan dinar banknotes, in addition to the 50 dinar banknote, as part of a series of measures that the CBL intended to take after reunification. 

The committee formed to complete the procedures for reunifying the CBL held Wednesday in Tripoli its second meeting, headed by Governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir and his deputy, Marea Raheel, in the presence of the directors of the CBL's departments in Tripoli and Benghazi, and discussed a number of measures that supported reunification efforts, agreeing on a single organizational structure and one director for the management of banking and monetary supervision, in order to enhance the reunification project.

The CBL's meeting saw an agreement to support bank balances with the CBL in Tripoli with 9 billion dinars to expand banking services such as selling foreign currencies, and to take measures that support the stability of the exchange rate, limiting foreign currency circulation in the black market.