Algerian court sentenced an Algerian citizen to 20 years in prison in absentia who threatened, through a post on social media, to blow up the Algerian consulate in Libya.

The Criminal Court of First Instance in the Algiers imposed a penalty against the accused for the crime of participating abroad in a terrorist and subversive organization, with the aim of harming the interests of Algeria, according to the Algerian An-Nahar channel.

The facts of the case date back to February 16, 2023, when the security services received a report containing an electronic post on a Facebook group called “Algerian expatriates in the state of Libya.”

The accused in this group published a comment targeting the Algerian consulate in Libya with the following phrase: “The consulate needs an explosive belt.” The Algerian authorities then identified the Facebook account user and said that he left Algeria for Libya and stayed with his uncle there, and has not entered the country since then.