The wife of the Minister of Defense in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Al-Mahdi Al-Barghathi, has told Libya Alahrar TV channel in an interview that her husband surrendered himself in “good health” condition to Khalifa Haftar’s forces, confirming that he was forced to surrender himself after Haftar’s forces had detained children and women inside his home in Benghazi.

She explained on Saturday that Al-Barghathi decided to return to Benghazi after being urged by his relatives and elders of his tribe on the condition that he would return in his “military capacity", adding that he was reluctant to return, but they urged him to return to his hometown. She also said he was afraid, and told her that he did not trust them, but they insisted and so he returned.

Al-Barghathi's wife indicated that her husband returned safely to his home on Friday, October 06, accompanied by his military guards, as well as his brother Walid and his son Ibrahim. She added that he was not an "saboteur", and he returned with only five cars.

"Even his son was not a soldier. He just went with his father. Now we do not know anything about them. They betrayed him. Haftar's forces entered the house after breaking its gate, and asked about him, and we told them that he was not there, but they did not leave the house, nor did they respect its privacy, then they called Al-Mahdi, and told him that his daughters were in their custody. Afterwards, Al-Mahdi returned and surrendered himself.” The wife said.

She added that there were 36 women and 13 children in the house, all of them relatives who were happy about Al-Barghathi's return and came to see him.

On Friday, the Military Prosecutor of Haftar’s forces, Faraj Al-Sosae, announced that Al-Mahdi Al-Barghathi had suffered “severe and serious injuries” in clashes with security forces to whom he refused to surrender. Footage published by Haftar's Internal Security Apparatus showed Al-Barghathi during his arrest and he appeared in good health.