The Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune has said resolving Libya's crisis comes through elections based on institutions and a new constitution that strikes balance in the country's political polarization.

Tebboune told French journal, La Opinion, Wednesday that the diplomatic movement to solve Libya's crisis are like "painkillers to extremely ill people", adding that the solution is through elections, as such temporary solutions wouldn't give viable results.

"Over nine years since the Libyan revolution, the international community has been only doing small solutions that didn't work and wouldn't be effective no matter what time they take." Tebboune said.

He added that the viable way for a solution in Libya is elections to reflect the will of the people, saying it could only take three or four years so that building the country's institutions can ensue afterwards.

"Elections will bring a new parliament, prime minister or even a president and then a new constitution can be drafted." He added.

Meanwhile, the UN is now supporting various dialogues of Libyan parties in order to reach a political settlement, knowing that similar understandings and agreements through previous dialogues, including Skhirat in 2015, didn't work effectively.

While some other Libyan political personalities are calling for a referendum on the constitution and then elections to end the presence of current political groups and their transitional phase, yet no answers from the UN or international community has been given to such calls.