The UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily said on X platform that he had met with members of the Political Affairs Commission of the High Council of State and listened to their assessment of the social, humanitarian, economic and political dimensions of the Derna disaster.

Bathily added that he had expressed his regret that coordination between national institutions in the east and west was not at the level of solidarity shown by Libyans from all regions toward their brothers and sisters in Derna and other cities of eastern Libya that were devastated by the floods.

The UN envoy also stressed the need for authorities in the east and west of the country to conduct a joint assessment of the humanitarian response and reconstruction needs. 

"It is imperative that political leaders live up to the moment and work together to overcome the tragedy" Bathily added, according to posts he published on Saturday on X platform. 

The death toll of Storm Daniel increased to 3,845 people, according to what was announced on Saturday by the spokesman for the High Committee for Emergency and Rapid Response in the government appointed by the House of Representatives, Mohammed El Jarih.