Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said from now on guns would be pointed only at enemies, during a speech to mark the 83rd anniversary of the Libyan Army's foundation in Martyrs’ Square, Tripoli, on Wednesday, 

He went on to say that the nation's money would be spent on development, building the army, youth, etc.

The PM told the people that the time of war is over and Libyans would never raise their weapons in the face of each other.

Dbeibah, who also holds the position of  Minister of Defence, indicated that his government's main battle is construction and stability, underscoring that the military institution is the nucleus of this stability and will not become implementers of foreign agendas or narrow group interests.

He said that time has proved that the will of the people is above politicians, above all parties that aligned with the outside, and those vying for power even over the blood of the Libyans ... and above the international will.

In his speech that was broadcasted through national TV, the PM quoted the words of former Prime Minister Abdul Hamid al-Bakush, in which he called on all citizens to be one army, whatever their backgrounds and ages, "from the city to the tribe to the beautiful villages, countryside, and oases... and to be united."

On Wednesday Martyrs Square saw military parades to mark the anniversary in the presence of senior state officials, including the head and members of the Presidential Council, the head of the General Intelligence, the Chief of the Libyan Army, and commanders of various military regions.