Members of the General National Congress signed on August 16 a six-point document of principles and constants about the UNSMIL’s draft agreement.

The document which was signed by 95 members includes the following:

First, the GNC insists that the goals and gains of 17 February revolution are a red line not to be crossed under any circumstances.

Second, the GNC is positive about an honest dialogue that sets the stage for building a new Libya, and the GNC considers it an indispensable strategic option, which is contrary to the aimless dialogues that do no more than widening the gap between Libyans.

Third, Libya’s sovereignty and legitimate state institutions must be given their due respect, besides that, the GNC will totally reject any political agreement that disrespects those two principles and plunges Libya into any kind of international trusteeship or conventions that are beyond Libya’s interest and commitment.

Fourth, the judiciary laws should be followed by all Libyans, so the verdict of the constituent committee in the Supreme Court, which stripped Tobruk parliament off legitimacy, is valid and those who violated it must be held accountable in the legal circles especially in the national or international agreements.

Fifth, the GNC calls for a comprehensive peace making and reconciliation among Libyans without being oblivious to the revolutionaries and martyrs’ blood, who revolted against tyranny and dictatorship, so the GNC won’t show forgiveness to any coup plotters and won’t allow any of the ex-regime figures to go back in the political scene whatever the cost would be.

Finally, from the above, the GNC announces that it refuses to accept the latest UNSMIL draft agreement as it opposes the above-mentioned principles and basics, however, the GNC confirms that it would be ready to accept the draft once its amendments are added to the draft’s original content.