First Deputy President of the General National Congress reiterated on Friday the GNC's three significant preconditions that should be agreed upon by the UNSMIL in order to reach an inclusive solution to the political crisis in Libya.

In an interview with Alnabaa TV, Awad Abdul-Sadiq said the GNC had agreed to be part of the Skhirat dialogue despite the verdict of the Supreme Court to dissolve Tobruk Parliament and the revolutionaries' support to the GNC. 

“The first precondition is the legislative balance, the second is that the government should be agreed upon by the two conflicting parties (HoR and GNC), and it was such an astonishment that the President of the accord government was an MP of the HoR.” Said Abdul-Sadiq.

He added that the third precondition is the security guarantees, explaining that there is no legal concord legitimacy in the dialogue sessions between Tunisia and Morocco, reiterating that Libya’s sovereignty would be gone once under the trusteeship of the UNSMIL as per the Skhirat agreement.

“Threatening with international intervention in Libya is just a mere pressure exercised to pass an agenda at odds with Libya’s welfare.” He added.

Abdul-Sadiq also clarified that the GNC proposed excluding the GNC and the HoR from the political scene, adding that the one who proposed the State Council was Saleh Al-Makhzoum, the former GNC member. 

As for fighting IS group, Abdul-Sadiq said that Al-Makhzoum was fully aware of Khalifa Haftar’s air forces bombing of battalion (166) that is assigned by the GNC to liberate Sirte city, adding that the GNC had issued a clear statement that urges fighting terrorism in Sirte.

“The GNC supported Derna revolutionaries to free Derna from the IS, and the GNC's General Staff of Air Force was the one that attacked Daesh when they assaulted the oil crescent region in eastern Libya.” Abdul-Sadiq reaffirmed.

He concluded saying, the International community knows that the so- called Dignity Operation did not partake in the war against Daesh, and that Al-Thani government dismantled the joint Libyan-Sudanese Force, pointing out that the GNC addressed the international community for support to fight Daesh.

“If we had support from the international community, we could defeat IS militias in days.” He said.