Khalifa Haftar discussed with the French ambassador to Libya, Mostafa Mihraje, the latest developments in the political process in Libya.

This came during Haftar’s reception of the French ambassador in his office at the headquarters of his forces in the city of Benghazi, according to a statement published by Haftar’s media office page on Facebook.

Haftar commended the Libyan-French relations and stressed the importance of developing them, and opening new horizons to strengthen ties between the two countries, while Mihraje expressed France’s keenness to develop the relationship between the two sides in a way that serves joint interests.

The statement added that the meeting witnessed an emphasis on the importance of making every effort to advance the political process in preparation for holding elections in coordination with the United Nations mission in Libya.

A delegation of French companies is visiting Benghazi these days. The delegation is accompanied by the French ambassador to Libya, as French companies joined the race of Emirati and Turkish companies to win contracts in the fields of reconstruction and health in eastern Libya.