A brigade led by Khalifa Haftar's son Khalid arrested Yusif Al-Wakwak, the brother of Ezzidine Al-Wakwak who used to command Benina airport security force, sources from Benina; western Benghazi reported.

The sources added Tuesday that Brigade 106 arrested Al-Wakwak over the money seized by Benina airport customs police while he was trying to smuggle it abroad.

The brigade has also called on the family of Al-Wakwak to bring back the money which amounts to a million euros so they release him.

On December 26, 2018, Al-Wakwak assaulted a police car in Benina airport and took the seized money.

At the time, social media footage showed Yusif Al-Wakwak smashing the window of the police car in the airport and taking the money.

Benina airport is controlled by a tribal armed groups led by Ezzidine Al-Wakwak who is loyal to Haftar, but disputes in the inner circles over the last years made Al-Wakwak and his followers foes to forces led by Haftar's son Khalid.