A delegation from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority visited Misrata International Airport to evaluate the security and operational procedures adopted at the airport and the extent of their compliance with international operating standards.

This visit, which lasted for two days, came as part of the preparations for the start of operating flights between Misrata Airport and Italian airports, according to a statement by the Airports Authority on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

A meeting was held during the visit between the Italian delegation and the Director General of the Airport, in the presence of his assistant and the Head of the Airport Security Department in the Standards Conformity Department at the Airports Authority and the Aviation Security and Facilities Office at the Civil Aviation Authority, in addition to the Airport Security Director. 

The delegation resumed evaluation work at the airport, and reviewed the various equipment available there as well as the extent of their compliance with the required quality standards. They inspected all airport facilities, with the aim of verifying the extent to which these procedures comply with civil aviation security standards. 

All these efforts are part of the Airports Authority’s plans to raise the level of services provided at airports, to ensure compliance with international standards and enhance the safety and security of flights.