The Italian Council of Ministers decided to extend the state of “intervention for overseas emergency” for a period of six months, and to allocate 5 million euros to support operations in eastern Libya following the floods that those areas witnessed as a result of  Storm Daniel, which left heavy losses in lives and properties in the city of Derna and Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar.

The Italian news agency "AKI" said that the Council of Ministers’ decision, which was made on Tuesday, came based on the proposal of the Minister of Sea and Southern Affairs, noting that the Council also agreed to allocate 5 million euros for this intervention, from the National Emergency Fund.

A few days ago, two Italian ships arrived in eastern Libya carrying a shipment of humanitarian aid that included relief materials, tents complete with beds and sleeping bags capable of accommodating and hosting a thousand people, in addition to earthmoving vehicles, rescue vehicles, two helicopters belonging to the Italian Ministry of Defense, and pumps for water, and medical supplies.

The Italian government also sent firefighting teams specialized in logistical support and combating water risks, and personnel from the Joint Forces Operations Command, the Civil Protection Department, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Italian Civil Protection Minister.