A family of eight members was seriously injured in a landmine explosion south of Tripoli on Monday, the head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Health, Wedad Bin Niran has confirmed.

Bin Niran explained in a press statement that the injuries of the family vary from moderate to serious, with the entire family receiving medical treatment at Al-Khadra Hospital.

On Sunday, two military engineers were killed in a landmine explosion in Ein Zara in south Tripoli while clearing the area from explosive remnants of war.

The explosion is the second in less than a month, being preceded by a previous mine explosion on August 24 in the area of Al-Khala, south of Tripoli, resulting in the amputation of both hands of an individual who was in the process of cleaning his private farm when the incident occurred.

Mines planted by Haftar’s militias and Russian mercenaries as they fled the southern neighbourhoods of Tripoli are still wreaking havoc and casting eerie shadows over the lives of civilians living in those areas.