The Head of the Investigations Bureau of the Attorney General Office in Tripoli, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, revealed in a presser on Wednesday that they had arrested persons in Tunisia linked to the murder of the Misrata mayor, Mohammed Eshtiwi last December.

"There's cooperation between Libyan and Tunisia Attorneys General offices as well as the Interpol regarding the murder case so the arrested persons can be handed over to Libya." He pointed out, saying there are other binding arrest warrants for persons involved in this case.

He also said that they are still investigating into the terrorist incidents, adding that any family that wishes to recollect the body of an IS militant can do so as "we are doing DNA analyses and they are taking lots of efforts and time," he stressed.

He also touched upon Saif Gaddafi's case, saying that he is sentenced in absentia and his case lies in the files of the Appeals Court not the Attorney General's Office (AG).

"Regarding Osama Jodran, investigations are underway over terror charges and shutdown of oil ports. His brother Ibrahim Jodran is wanted by the AG Office for several charges and despite the fact that he was detained by a Nalut-based armed group, he managed to escape and the calls for his surrender to the AG did not pay off. He went then to Wershiffana and afterwards, we have no records of his whereabouts." Al-Sour explained.

Ibrahim Jodran was Head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard at the oil crescent region.

Al-Sour said there are many officials and diplomats involved in corruption and illegal immigration as well as smuggling cases, signaling out an employee at the Libyan embassy in Senegal, whom he said is involved in illegal immigration.

"We have opened a bank account and deposited in it the money confiscated from corruption cases - 409 million dinars." The Head of the AG Office's investigations bureau added.

He said they had issued arrest warrants for 13 employees of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) and others, shedding light as well on the CNN report about selling African slaves in Libya, saying they contacted the CNN and the AG investigations showed that there are human trade in Libya but not a slaves market.

"There is the procedure of selling the immigrants from one smuggler to another." Al-Sour confirmed, denying the existence of a slaves market.

"Libya lost 27 million dinars a year in fuel smuggling and there is a group controlling Zuwara port and it is accused of smuggling fuel." He further explained.

Al-Sour elaborated that fuel smuggling networks in Libya are broadly linked with others in Malta, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, and Greece, saying Libya had cooperated with southern European countries for the exchange of information regarding fuel smuggling operations coming out of Al-Zawiya and Zuwara.