The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) announced on Sunday that it had put out the fire that broke out in one of the transmission units in Al-Hadba area near Sidi Hussein cemetery, south of Tripoli, and that it was working on the connection phase to restore power to the areas affected by the fire.

The Public Prosecution has begun an investigation into the fire accident at Al-Hadba station with a voltage of (30/220) kilovolts, with the GECOL announcing that there was a strong possibility that the fire was planned. The investigation came after a letter from the Chairman of the GECOL.

GECOL said that these investigators came after the GECOL's board of directors believed that the fire had been a planned act, which became clear after the fire was extinguished and due to several technical factors, the nature of the damaged facility and its advanced alarm systems.

"There were signs indicating a strong possibility that the fire was planned, while the results of the investigations in this regard will be announced later.” GECOL added.