The lawyer of Abdullah Al-Senussi, head of the intelligence agency in the Gaddafi regime, Ahmed Nashad, said that his client’s sentencing hearing had been postponed to November 06, telling reporters that this postponement was attributed to the failure to bring Al-Senussi to trial on last Monday.

This is the eighth time in a row that the sentencing hearings for Al-Senussi have been postponed due to his failure to appear at the headquarters of the Tripoli Court of Appeal, where his trial is taking place.

Nashad accuses the security authorities that are detaining Al-Senussi of deliberately making him miss the sentencing hearings, saying the responsibility falls on the Attorney General as "he is responsible for the public case and for implementing the court’s decision to bring Al-Senussi to the trial session.”

Al-Senussi is facing several charges, including suppressing demonstrators during the revolution of February 17, 2011. He is also convicted of being behind the Abu Salim prison massacre that took place in 1996, when more than 1,200 people were killed.

Al-Senussi fled Libya after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime, and then he was arrested in 2012 after arriving from Morocco to Mauritania carrying a false passport. He was then returned to Libya.

A death sentence was issued against Al-Senussi in 2015 in the Abu Salim massacre case, but the court ruled at the end of 2019 to drop charges against all defendants in the case, before the Supreme Court overturned the ruling and put the case back for a retrial.