Abdullah Senussi

Lawyer, Ahmed Nashad, representing the chief of military intelligence in the Gaddafi regime, Abdullah Al-Senussi, confirmed that the Tripoli Court of Appeal postponed his client’s trial session until January 29.

Nashad said in a press statement on Monday that the session was postponed due to his client's inability to go out of prison to the court for the 12th time in a row, while adding that the Monday session witnessed the appearance of the senior leader of the Gaddafi regime, Mansour Dou, via closed video conference.

Nashad explained that Al-Senussi’s hearing will be next Monday via closed video conference, to listen to the accusation and his defense arguments in Case No. (630).

On January 8, the trial session of Abdullah Al-Senussi was postponed for the same reason.

The Public Prosecutor, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, previously said during a press conference held at the beginning of the year that his office would look into the delay in the trial of Al-Senussi, pledging to address the matter “in the near future, and to ensure a fair, transparent, and speedy trial in accordance with the standards of justice.”

Al-Sour said that his office had no information regarding Al-Senussi’s health conditions, noting that the Public Prosecution had received “complaints” from his family due to the postponement and prolongation of his trial.