The solution of the Libyan crisis must be agreed upon by all Libyans without foreign intervention, said the Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghaweil as he delivered a speech Friday to mark the fourth anniversary of the liberation of Libya.

“All Libyans should be united to start with the battle of construction, development, and reconciliation, and they should let go with any grudge feelings they have for one another, so we must all get over the problems that are created by foreigners and executed by Libyans from within the country.” Added Al-Ghaweil.

He commented on the UN role in the Libyan dialogue by saying that there is no need for the Libyan people to be tied to a dialogue sponsored by non-Libyans. He also urged the Libyans to support the Libyan reconciliation gatherings that are being held across the country, pointing out that such gatherings should be through formal meetings and consultations among all the political parties.