Protesters outside the headquarters of the UNSMIL in Tripoli rejected the return of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aqila Saleh to the political scene in the name of dialogue, saying in a statement issued by Muatheeq human rights organization that terrorism can return to the country with the blessing of Libyans who are fed up with corruption and injustice.

The protesters rejected the "failed dialogue endeavors" in Morocco, Egypt, Russia and Geneva, warning of entering a new transitional phase as it is behind all the displacement, wars and deterioration of living conditions.

The statement said the protesters reject that the leadership of the ongoing dialogues are the ones who have caused bad living conditions and proved a failure over the previous years.

The protesters called on the UNSMIL to stand with Libyan people and not to support what they described as "farce" neither politically nor via media, urging for transparent general elections under the auspices of the UN "regardless of excuses saying there should be a constitutional basis".