The number of the displaced families from Sirte to Misrata registered in the Crisis Committee is around 700, said the member of Sirte Crisis Committee, Mahmoud Imsimeer.

Imsimeer indicated to the press that the movement of the Sirte displaced families toward Misrata started back in May, pointing out that they are now suffering from lack of housing as the housing prices have soared high, in addition to their low financial status.

Hence, the Head of the Education and Media department in the Social Affairs Bureau in Misrata, Jamal Shnisheh told Ajwa Net that their role is confined only to receiving and officially registering the displaced in the system records.

Shinsheh added that their department is providing some aids to the displaced families, besides the food assistance that are given by civil society institutions, Libyan Aid Agency, and the Red Crescent.

Lately, Sirte has witnessed a wave of displaced families’ movement after Daesh (IS) have taken hold of the city back in the middle of January.

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