The media spokesperson of the Attorney General’s Office in Tripoli, Abdulmonem Al-Houni, has said that the Tunisian wounded persons who made it alive from the U.S. airstrike on Sabratha were not deported to Tunisia. 

The Media and Communication Official in Tunisia’s Interior Ministry, Yasir Musbah, also reaffirmed in a presser Saturday that the rumors spread about Tunisia receiving the dead bodies and the injured ones from the American airstrike in Libya are false.

Moreover, the Special Deterrent Force in Tripoli assured that it had sent the dead bodies of the two Serbs, who were killed by the U.S. airstrike on Sabratha, to the General Secretary of Serbia’s Foreign Ministry.
“As for the Tunisian wounded persons, the SDF did not send any to the Tunisian authorities neither through the Ras Ajdair border nor via any other route.” The SDF outlined.

Lately, Algerian newspapers have reported that one of the investigators of the Algerian Terrorism Fight Special Force had gone to Tunisia to stand on the investigation with one of the airstrike’s injured persons who was deported by the Libyan authorities to Tunisia via Ras Ajdair.