The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said it had obtained new photos for digging trenches between Sirte and Jufra by Khalifa Haftar's forces and mercenaries from Russian Wagner Group reached Khashoum Al-Khail checkpoint (70 km).

The media office added that it had obtained the coordinates of Wagner mercenaries' positions in the area between Sirte and Jufra, saying that one them is 42 km from Waddan toward Sirte. It said the digging could be for tubes inside the trench to pump oil from the south to the north then ship it as part of concessions made by Haftar to Wagner mercenaries.

The media office referred to Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha's statements of June last year, when he said Wagner and Janjaweed mercenaries' control over Sharara oil field was a serious issue and a threat to national security as foreign mercenaries were in control of Libya's oil resources.