Libya's Fatwa House on Monday offered condolences to the families of those lost in the floods that submerged the northeastern parts of Libya as a result of Strom Daniel.

The authorities declared the cities of Derna, Shahat, and Al-Bayda a "disaster zone, as different localities reported at least 150 fatalities amid fears that the death toll could rise further, with many still trapped in hard-to-reach areas.

The Fatwa House reminded Libyans across the country at the official and civil levels - of "their duty towards their brothers", urging them to reach out to the victims with all possible assistance, including Zakat donations.

It underscored that donors should only hand their aid offerings to a reliable party to ensure timely and effective end-to-end delivery to persons of concern.

"This support is obligatory and is not a favour or a voluntary act; this revives the meaning of one body mentioned by the Prophet, Muhammed peace be upon him," the statement read.