The Libyan Fatwa House has issued a fatwa declaring jihad against Russian forces, specifically the "Africa Corps," stating that it is a religious duty for the people of Libya, particularly the revolutionary brigades.

In a statement, the Council for Sharia Research and Studies of Fatwa House expressed its concern over the Russian intervention in Libya, noting the arrival of Russian troops and weapons in preparation for the entry of the so-called Africa Corps into Libya and neighbouring countries.

The Council asserted that the armed Russian presence on Libyan soil constitutes an occupation and "invasion by an aggressive infidel state."

It urged those with financial means, weapons, or decision-making power to support the revolutionary brigades in expelling the occupiers and those who brought them.

However, it emphasized that the defensive jihad against Russian forces does not imply falling under the control of another occupier, whether it be the US, the European Union, or any other state. "Fighting the occupiers should not result in replacing one occupier with another," the Council explains.

The statement also highlighted the Western countries' position—led by the US—of the Russian presence and their apparent cooperation with Libyans to resist it, deeming it deceptive and untrustworthy, as it is "merely an exchange of roles."

The Council emphasized the importance of seeking assistance under the Sharia regulations, whether from Muslims or others. The primary condition is that the ultimate authority and decision-making power should rest with the inhabitants of the region, especially those who oppose external influence or collaboration.