Mizdah International Short Film Festival

The Mizdah International Short Film Festival Committee has honored, artist Ali Ahmed Salem for his artistic and cultural excellence, and one of the symbols of creativity in Libya.

The honoring came in the presence of the festival's head, the artist Ramadan Al-Mazdawi, a member of the festival's jury, director Sadiq Bouamoud and theatrical director Ali Mohamed Al-Ashlam, and a number of those interested in art and culture.

Commenting about the fifth session of the festival, the head of the festival was quoted by the Libyan News Agency as saying, "Mazda Cultural Festival was organized between 27-28 May, in the city of Zuwara, with the theme ‘Cinema is the Mirror of the People’, sponsored by the new Libyan channel, and with local, Arab and international participation.’

There were 143 short films with a local participation of 4 films, and the committee stipulated that the participants submit only one film, provided that their production period does not exceed two years, and their length does not exceed 30 minutes.


According to the head of the festival, artist Ramadan Al-Mazdawi, the results of the festival were as follows:

-              Best Film Award (A Bird Came from the Window) to directors Malik Al-Zintouni and Amjad Abu Zuwaida, Libya.

-              Best Actor Award, to actor Mohamed Hadaki, for the movie (Jawad) directed by Ayham Arsan, Syria.

-              Best Actress Award, to actor Diana Al-Ayoubi, for the movie (Returning), Palestine.

-              Best Screenplay Award for the movie (Dearest Mosul), Iraq.