The city of Ajaylat, some 80 km west of Tripoli, woke up to a shocking crime which was perpetrated against three brothers from Abu-lghith family.

Local sources confirmed that Mohammed IShtiwi known as "Al-Kubba" from the city of Sabratha kidnapped the victims from a crossroad in Sabrata and took them to his place of residence where they were tortured and abused before being boiled to death in a cauldron.

Images and video clips on social media showed horrifying pictures that demonstrate the brutal way the victims were killed in.

The bodies of the sons of Abu-lghith family, who live in the area of Swainiya in Ajaylat, were found in Zafarana district west of the city.

The reason for this heinous crime is yet to be known.

Al-Kubba is the top commander of what is known as “Al-Aruba Fighting Brigade” in Sabratha. He is still loyal to the former regime and is wanted by the Attorney General for several criminal cases.

The so-called "ISIS Fighting Operations Room IFOR" in Sabratha, which is loyal to Dignity Operation in eastern Libya, had honoured Al-Kubba (photo below) for what it described as his efforts in "fighting terrorism and criminals."

Al-Kubba and another Salafist extremist armed group known as "Al-Wadi" fought alongside IFOR in the clashes that took place in Sabratha last September against Dabbashi Brigade.

The war ended with the defeat of the latter and the control IFOR and its allied armed groups of the city.

Despite IFOR’s claim that it’s affiliated with the Presidential Council in Tripoli, observers believe that it is actually one of the armed groups in western Libya, along with other Zintani armed groups stationed at Al-wutya Airbase, which Dignity Operation depends on for any future attack on Tripoli on the pretext of freeing it from “terrorism and criminal militias.”