76 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) held Monday a consultative session in Sabratha city to discuss the issues to be raised at the formal session on Tuesday, including the vote of confidence for the new Interim Government and the Presidential Council as well as replacing the presidency members of the HoR.

The HoR member, Adnan Shaab, said other members would be joining the 76 present ones on Tuesday to attend the formal session in Sabratha.

Meanwhile, the Tobruk-based HoR Speaker, Aqila Saleh, held a consultative session in Tobruk Monday. The session was described as Saleh's attempt to hinder convening a session in Sabratha, where he could be replaced by a new Speaker based on the regional quota system, which Saleh himself approved.

A source from Tobruk said the attendees of Saleh's meeting reiterated the need for the new interim government to work from Sirte, and for establishing regional quota system in the new cabinet portfolios, adding that the HoR should convene in Sirte because "it doesn't host any militias".