A former Gaddafi procurer in east Libya has called for killing of all besieged families in Ganfouda neighbourhood of Benghazi, claiming they are all ISIS affiliates.

Addressing a tribal meeting to show support to renegade General Khalifa Haftar last week, Beleid Sheikhi said all the old women and their children inside Ganfouda are terrorists.

"There aren't any honest women in Ganfouda, they must hand over their sons to stand trial or let's take them all to Erdogan, their godfather," Beleid said.

"We don’t need those old ISIS women anymore, don’t tell me about human rights," he added.

Beleid said all people aged 14 and over in Ganfouda must be executed.

"They are talking about safe corridors to those Daeshi (ISIS) people! They will never come out of Ganfouda alive," he incited.

Human Rights Solidarity in Libya has condemned Beleid's remarks as incitement to kill innocent people.

Beleid Sheikhi was a sergeant in Gaddafi brigade of Fadil Bu Omer in Benghazi. His main task was to find prostitutes and organize debauched nights for senior Gaddafi officials including Khalifa Hanish and Ahmed Gaddaf Addem. He was nicknamed "Beleid bitches" for this sleazy job.

Now, he has become a tribal mouthpiece for Dignity Operation and its commander Khalifa Haftar.

Ganfouda neighbourhood has been under siege for several months by Dignity Operation militia groups, which banned families there from leaving.

Backed by foreign intervention, Dignity Operation intensified airstrikes on the costal neighbourhood, leaving many, including foreign workers, dead and wounded.