The Town of Riqdalin

The Town of Riqdalin

July 26, 2021 - 02:03
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It is located in the south of the Mediterranean on the western coast of Libya, 10 km from the seashore and 120 km to the west of the capital, Tripoli. Its population is more than 30,000 people. 
Its borders from the southeast is Al-Jmail, with a distance of less than 10 km, from the northeast Zuwara, with a distance of less than 10 km, from the north is the Mediterranean Sea, with a distance of less than 10 km, from the northwest Zaltan, with a distance of less than 15 km, and from the west all the farms of Zuwara of olives, almonds, grapes and figs, and then the Western Desert until it reaches the cities of Al-Siaan, Tiji and Badr.

Origin of the Name 

It is said that this name, Riqdalin, is from the Amazigh language, and its origin is "Teredaline", which means hyenas, because the area in the past was empty and predators lived in it.

Economic Activities


The city is characterized by the agricultural character that depends on the rain-fed cultivation of trees such as olives and almonds, and some vineyards such as grapes and figs in the areas surrounding the city, especially in the southern and western sides.


The commercial sector currently constitutes the main pillar of economic activity in the city, where there is an active industrial zone that depends on the trade of auto spare parts and mechanical maintenance, in addition to the trade in building materials and a weekly market open for vegetables and livestock held twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays).