GNU PM Dbeibah says that more than 70% of petroleum products consumed domestically in Libya are imported.

During his recent appearance on CNBC Arabia's "Hawar Al-Usbu" program, Dbeibah highlighted that the oil sector generated a revenue of $25 billion, constituting the country's highest income.

He highlighted the government's investment plans for the oil industry, with a proposed budget of over $30 billion set for 2024.

The PM invited companies interested in investing in Libya, emphasizing that nationality would not be a barrier, as he affirmed that the government would not rely on external debt markets for financial support.

Regarding the N70 field, Dbeibah noted that Italy's Eni has the freedom to participate in any capacity it deems fit, as it is the company that invited Total, Adnoc, and a Turkish company to partake in the project, as per his statements.

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