The Libyan Labor Minister Ali Al-Abed said Libya is going to receive about two million Egyptian workers in the two coming years to help rebuild the country, saying Egyptian workers already started to arrive a couple of months ago.

Al-Abed told Masrawi website that Egyptian workers are "highly in demand" inside Libya and they would work in the reconstruction projects, saying they would arrive in two stages: a million in 2022 and another million in 2023, to work in reconstruction and infrastructure projects.

He indicated that some workers will be going to medical and education sectors after launching a website that coordinates and registers the workers to facilitate their movement between Egypt and Libya.

Al-Abed and Egyptian Workforce Minister, Mohammed Saafan, launched the joint online system that facilitates the registration and movement of workers to help Libya in its reconstruction projects. Saafan said at the time that no Egyptian worker will arrive in Libya outside of the new joint electronic system.