The Administrative Control Authority has criticized the financial measures of 2018 taken by the Presidential Council (PC), including expanding expenditure, urging the PC to reform and call for austerity measures instead this year.

The head of authority, Nasser Hassan, told the PC in a letter on Thursday that the measures which saw expansion of spending to 46 billion dinars amid a deficit of 14 billion dinars would worsen the ailing economy and financial instability in Libya.

"Exaggeration in estimating revenue and the persistence of the general debt of the country (58 billion dinars) and the approval of the budget by an executive power are all points to be reconsidered." The authority's letter says.

"Violations include assigning huge money (750 million) to vague items "varieties" which constitutes a violation of the legal and technical standards for the state budget, besides assigning 30 million to political work without specification and allocating other money sums to entities that are not working in reality such as African research and studies center, marriage fund and Libya aids fund." The letter reads.

Hassan also said that violations included 400 million dinars for Libyan overseas embassies' staffers, which explains that there are too many of them adding to the financial burdens of the Libyan government, not to mention the 5 million to civil societies and 12 million in aids to social affairs ministry.

The authority called on the PC to take up responsibility and reform the financial and economic measures, including announcing austerity measures for the remainder of 2018.

Meanwhile, the PC member Fathi Al-Mijibri announced Thursday in a presser in tripoli that they approved financial measures worth 42.511.430.000 dinars in 2018.