The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah attended Monday the reopening of trading in the buying and selling of shares for entities listed in the Libyan Stock Market after a nine-year hiatus. The reopening ceremony was at the headquarters of the Libyan Stock Market, as Dbeibah rang the bell in the Tripoli and Benghazi halls.

The Libyan Prime Minister expressed his desire for all Libyans to participate in the Libyan Stock Market, wishing it would not only to be limited to institutions, but also to individuals and "large sectors."

"This is a rebirth for the Stock Market sector, which enjoys a high position in the economy... The stock market was established in 2006, and it went through very difficult stages, multiple circumstances, and serious obstacles that led to the cessation of trading for many years.” Dbeibah said. 

He considered that this is an appropriate time for the return of activity and trading in light of a stable security situation, stressing that the challenges facing the Stock Market are very great. 

"However, we are determined to overcome the obstacles and enhance stability and development in this good country, and we will work to achieve prosperity for all the people of Libya.” He explained, adding that he was certain that the government will do what it can to support this important institution to enable it to perform its vital mission, especially with regard to infrastructure, headquarters, technical support, and the development of its cadres.