The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) and the Audit Bureau agreed Thursday on the financial arrangements and budget for 2020 in Libya.

In a meeting for CBL governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir and the Head of the Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak in Tripoli, the two officials talked about the financial arrangements amid the oil blockade, Audit Bureau said on Facebook.

They also discussed the ramifications of the ongoing crisis and the preventive measures to be taken in that regard.

On Wednesday, the CBL said it had exceptionally approved the salaries of state employees for January and February workout promotions or incentives, citing the critical situation of the country.

The Ministry of Finance and CBL have been engaging in disputes over the last weeks for the delay of the salaries of state employees who hadn't received money since the start of 2020.

Several analysts and observers said the delay could have been triggered by the continuous oil blockade since January 19, causing Libya financial losses worth over 2.2 billion dollars so far.