The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) has declared force majeure on the Sharara oilfield, starting Sunday, as a result of the closure of the field by protesters. It explained in a statement that the closure halted crude supplies from the field to the port of Al-Zawiya.

The NOC indicated that negotiations were still ongoing in an attempt to resume production as soon as possible.

The so-called High Council of Tribes and Cities of Fezzan announced its support for the shutdown at Sharara oilfield and called for the formation of a committee capable of dialogue and communication with the relevant authorities that wish to achieve the demands and rights of the people of Fezzan - southern Libya. 

The Council demanded that the demands and rights of Fezzan be included in the reasons for the shutdown, which contained the need for supporting the southern region development and the relevant authorities for that end, establishing an investment portfolio for the south according to what was stated in the statement of the Fezzan Call for Libya conference, and allocating an amount of 10 billion dinars to meet all the necessary, service and development needs of the Fezzan region.

It also called for speeding up the solution to the fuel problem by raising the quantity allocated to the Fezzan region and obliging the Brega Company to announce through its websites on a daily basis the quantities of fuel distributed to the region in full transparency.

On Friday, the Ministry of Local Government announced that Minister Badr Al-Deen Al-Tumi held a meeting with the municipalities of the southern region to discuss the demands of the protesters and consider the possibility of answering them.

Brega Oil Marketing Company announced that it had increased the southern region’s share of fuel to 2.5 million liters arriving daily from the Misrata oil depot, in accordance with its new decisions.