The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah said they are working on a unified state employees' salary chart and it will be finished in 60 days and then presented for evaluation and approval to the cabinet and then to the House of Representatives, citing unjust salary gaps in the country.

In a meeting Monday with the relevant committee members, Dbeibah said the step aims to achieve social justice in using the first chapter of the state budget, adding that the unified state salary chart will achieve equal pay for employees, some of whom haven't gotten paid for years.

Dbeibah said the new chart wouldn't refer the government back to Law (15) which was a source of suffering for Libyans over the past years, indicating that employees' salaries should be raised and government spending on salaries should be decreased with new methods and systems put in place to make work environment more comfortable at all state institutions.

"The bureaucracy measures should be eased to unfreeze the salaries of employees." Dbeibah added.