Ras Jedir

The Tunisian-Libyan Business Council has warned of the economic repercussions of the continued closure of the Ras Jedir border crossing from the Libyan side since March 18 last year.

Council President Monir Qazem stated in press remarks that bilateral trade between Tunisia and Libya has experienced significant stagnation since the closure of the crossing, greatly affecting Tunisia. "Many sectors in various Tunisian governorates have halted their activities industrially and commercially," the official said.

He further noted that hospitals are also experiencing unprecedented paralysis due to the closure of the border crossing, explaining that the traffic at the Wazen-Zuwarah crossing is of no benefit due to its distance from the southern provinces.

Qazem pointed out that the southern regions of Tunisia are devoid of Libyans, confirming a significant economic standstill in the area, which he cautioned would majorly affect other provinces.

In the meantime, Mustafa Abdelkabir, the President of the Tunisian Observatory for Human Rights, said in press statements that dozens of trucks are stranded at the Ras Jedir crossing, indicating that there has been no agreement in Libya to reopen the crossing. He added that there is no hope of resuming crossing movements at present.