Benghazi Diabetes Diagnosis Center is to close down on Thursday 22 due to lack of vital medicines, staff of the center has announced.

In a statement on Wednesday, the staff attributed the deterioration of health situations in the center to the inattention of the minister of health in Al-Thanni government and his failure to supply the center with vital medicines including insulin for type 1 diabetes patients.

"The center has been working for 46 years now and this is the first tragic time ever." The statement reads.

The staff described the closure as a black day in the history of the center, holding Al-Thanni government responsible for this tragedy.

Meanwhile, 15 hospitals and health centers in Benghazi said in a statement they would disown health minister Reda Al-Okali for his inattention and failure to provide appropriate services. They confirmed in a statement that they will now operate under the umbrella of Benghazi Municipality.